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First Aid / CPR, Tactical Casualty Care

The ability to recognize a potentially life threatening medical issue, rendering first aid & CPR, and knowing how to effectively initiate the emergency response system is an invaluable skill set. We offer a wide array of courses thru the NAEMT, ASHI and the American Red Cross. Read more...

NRA Basic Firearms Courses

Virtually all NRA Basic courses are offered. These include -

Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Range Safety Officer (RSO), Home Firearms Safety  & Reloading. We also offer Defensive Pistol.


The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit is recognized in thirty four other states.

The course is five hours. Our course integrates range exercises to ensure those we certify thru our class are proficient with basic firearms manipulations and static shooting.

NRA Basic Instructor Training

We offer NRA instructor courses in most of the NRA disciplines, including Range Safety Officer (RSO), Chief RSO, Pistol, Rifle, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection Inside & Outside the Home, Reloading and Shotgun.

Defensive Tactics Training

PPCT's Defensive Tactics Training  is geared primarily  towards law enforcement, corrections, the military and security officers. This course covers handcuffing techniques, weapons retention, disarming, custodial escort, joint locks, grounding techniques, defensive counter strikes and pressure point controls.

Tactical / Defensive Gunfighting

We are pleased to offer our own defensive pistol, rifle & shotgun courses that build on, and go beyond the basic shooting fundamentals of NRA courses. Many of the concepts we introduce are derived from executive protection and law enforcement shooting tactics.