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We have trained and certified hundreds of NRA instructors.  If you are not yet an instructor, and are thinking about becoming an NRA certified instructor, we have the experience and proven  track record to help you obtain your goal.

Still, it is our experience that many prospective NRA instructor candidates do not appreciate how demanding and rigorous the NRA instructor training and certification process is, often times realizing when they are already committed to the course that they may not be at that standard required to simply sit the course.

There are three areas we have identified in which instructor candidates are likely to show underdevelopment. These are: -

  1. Candidates do not have a comprehensive and granular understanding of shooting fundamentals. Having a deep understanding of shooting principles is a critical requirement in order to instruct others.
  2. Candidates are not shooting at that level required by the NRA. The (Basic Pistol Instructor) live-fire pre course drill from the NRA is fairly straight-forward: With a pistol, from a two handed unsupported (standing) position, at a distance of fifteen (15 yds) yards on a target nine inches in diameter, shooters must land twenty (20) consecutive shots on that target, all within a six inch (6") group of each other - with no misses.
  3. Lacking in development of public speaking skills.  Being a good instructor means effective communication is one of the cornerstones of our instructional method.

Fortress Consulting Group has created and offers a  "bridge" class to prospective instructors who may be lacking in one or more of those areas listed above. Our 8hr class has a combination of classroom and range exercises individually tailored for prospective instructor candidates. Candidates who have sat this class have a very high success rate going thru the NRA Basic Instructor program. Still, only you can guarantee your success in the NRA instructor program. Participants who sit our bridge class are afforded a credit (usually 1/2 of the cost of the bridge class) if they sit the NRA instructor course with us.

THIS COURSE IS NOT REQUIRED BY THE NRA. NO NRA CERTIFICATION IS GRANTED UPON COMPLETION OF OUR "BRIDGE" CLASS. All participants who successfully complete the bridge class are exempt from OUR pre-course exercise for new instructor candidates.