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NRA Range Safety Officer

Range Safety Officer (RSO) training is open to shooters with a solid background and familiarity with various firearms action types. It provides formal instruction to candidates on the following:

  • range operations, range inspections and range rules;
  • the role of the RSO and standard operating procedures;
  • how to properly and effectively conduct emergency procedures;
  • how to identify, categorize and address firearms stoppages and malfunctions;
  • how to conduct a range safety briefing

Course Information:

Prerequisites: Must be able to lawfully possess firearms, including handguns.

Range Safety Officer candidate must have a solid background with the use and operations of firearms, and must know and be able to differentiate between various handgun (single action, double action, semi auto) and long gun action types (for example; bolt, lever, hinge, semi auto, falling block, pump).

Age: Must be at least 21 years of age.

Course Length : Nine hours

Class/Range:  Class only

Materials Required: All materials required are provided.

Other notes: We offer to all RSOs certified by us, opportunities to work under the tutelage and supervision of our well experienced chief RSOs for our range activities.