Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP)

The (our) Utah "CCW" course is five hours long, classroom only. A prerequisite for this course is the NRA Basic Pistol course, or its equavalent.  Course participants are expected to have an understanding of,  and familiarity / proficiency with the safe handling of firearms.

Fingerprinting as required by the state of Utah is included in the course fee.

The Utah non-resident permit is accepted in a number of states. Some states have specific residency requirements on who can carry in their state with a UT permit. Meaning, even though a state may recognize the permit of another state, it may have a requirement the holder of that permit be a resident of that state he or she holds that permit for. We encourage all Utah CCW applicants and CCW holders to frequently check the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation ( BCI ) site as reciprocal and recognition agreements sometimes change.  Please see below for links to the Utah BCI pages that cover recognition or reciprocity with other states, and a link to the UT CCW application - which we also provide in the class.

Utah reciprocity & recognition with other states

Utah CCW (CFP) application

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