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NRA Defensive Pistol

The NRA allows defensive pistol instructors wide latitude in creating their own lesson plans for the defensive pistol  course. Our defensive pistol class includes and incorporates multiple drills designed to develop the proficiency of the beginning or intermediate shooter; and is also a great "refresher" course for intermediate and advanced shooters who wish to keep their skills honed.

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Course information:

Prerequisites: Candidate be lawfully able to possess a handgun, and must show proof of completion of NRA Basic Pistol or its equivalent.

Course Length: 6-10 hours, dependent on the needs of the student.

Class/Range: Both

Materials Required: 

  • Handgun
  • proper eye and ear protection,
  • 200 rounds of ammunition;
  • three magazines or speed loaders
  • a secure holster ; double mag pouch

***There may be other requirements specific to the range used for this course***