Home Firearms Safety Instructor

Home Firearms Safety is geared towards the gun owner with limited knowledge and practical skills on the use of firearms.  This course (student or instructor level) does not have a live fire component, but does have a number of exercises that focus on loading and unloading pistols, rifles and shotguns; as well as muzzle-loading firearms and air guns.

As a reminder, all NRA instructor disciplines require Basic Instructor Training (BIT) . This course without BIT is (only) six hours, which means NRA instructor certification can be achieved  with twelve hours of class time.  The NRA Home Firearms Safety (student) certificate is accepted by the state of Florida as proof of training requirement for its "concealed weapons permit".

In addition to the requirements listed on the "BIT" page for all new NRA instructor candidates, there are requirements specific to Home Firearms Safety Instructor, including a pre-course qualification, which is normally conducted  before the start of a listed Home Firearms Safety  (HFS) Instructor workshop, and is included in the cost of the course.
Please see this link >> for the NRA's pre-course qualification for HFS Instructor candidates.

Course Information:
Prerequisites: Must be able to lawfully possess firearms (handguns included) in the jurisdiction where the class is conducted.
Course Length: Six hours (includes pre-course qualification)
Class/Range:  Classroom only
Materials Required: All class materials are provided.

Please see our schedule for dates and times for all classes. Home Firearms Safety is offered four times per year.

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