Home Firearm Safety

The NRA Home Firearms Safety course is geared towards the gun owner with limited knowledge and practical skills on the use of firearms.  This course does not have a live fire component, but does have a number of exercises that focus on loading and unloading pistols, rifles and shotguns; as well as muzzle-loading firearms and air guns. Home Firearms Safety is a great introductory course for the new gun owner as it also covers ammunition identification, firearm cleaning and firearm storage.

This course meets the requirements for training, for the Westchester County (NY)  pistol license application.

Course Information:

Prerequisites: Must be able to lawfully possess firearms in jurisdiction where course is being conducted; must be over 21 in NY and have a pistol license or pending pistol license application

Course Length: Five Hours

Class/Range: Class only

Materials required:All materials required for class are provided.

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