Firearms Instructor Development - (Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle)

These workshops are for the instructor who wishes to maintain proficiency both in instructional techniques and actual shooting drills. Workshops are either primarily range or classroom based. Instructors work in paired teams and are responsible for presenting a set number of pre-assigned drills or exercises. All presentations are self-reviewed, peer-reviewed , then trainer reviewed .

All workshops (class or range) cover a brief review of instructional method, adult learning principles, range safety briefing overview and basic first aid precautions for live -fire exercises.

Courses are conducted by certified instructor-trainers, certified law enforcement firearms instructors, and/or certified master firearms instructors, or some combination of these.

These courses are only open to currently certified FIREARMS (state, federal, military, firearms manufacturer, NRA) instructors. On completion of the course participants either earn a certificate of attendance , or certificate of successful course completion (pass 80% of all drills or exercises, must also score 8/10 or better on own presentations; partner score on own presentation affects overall team score).  This course provides an excellent opportunity for the new or relatively inexperienced firearms instructor to bolster his or her owns shooting skills and teaching method.

Our course is accepted by many regional law enforcement agencies as proof of ongoing firearms instructor training. THIS COURSE IS NOT ACCEPTED BY THE NYS DCJS FOR PEACE/POLICE OFFICER OR SECURITY GUARD TRAINING.


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