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NRA Basic Rifle Course

Upon successful completion of the NRA Basic Rifle course  the student will  have  met the twenty seven stated objectives for attaining certification.

Shooters are taught how to properly apply rifle shooting fundamentals  to shoot from the benchrest, prone, standing, sitting and kneeling positions. Students learn about various different rifle action types and how they function; the different types of rifle ammunition ; the three major types of cartridge malfunctions, how to select rifle, and indepth information on the popular Winchester  / NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program - all of this while ensuring students have multiple opportunities to conduct safe firearms handling under the tutelage of our well experienced instructors.

Course Information:
Prerequisites: Must be able to lawfully possess a rifle.
Course Length: Fourteen hours
Class/Range: Both (6hrs classrom, 8hrs range)
Materials Required: All class materials are provided.

For the range, the following is usually required:

Rifle (a box fed, tube fed or magazine fed rifle is preferred but not mandatory)
Eye & ear protection
Two hundred and fifty rounds of ammunition

A mat, for shooting from the kneeling and prone positions
***There may be other requirements specific to the range used for this course***