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NRA Bridge Course  - Current NRA Pistol Instructors

Bridge course duration : 3.5 - 4 hours

Effective May 15, 2016, the NRA Basic Pistol course can only be conducted in the "online/blended learning" format.

There are  substantial changes to how the NRA Basic Pistol course is conducted. Fortress Consulting Group is on the forefront of NRA instructor training, we recognize the need for existing NRA Basic Pistol Instructors to stay abreast of changes to the NRA instructor program, and the Basic Pistol course.

Our bridge course is ideally suited for Pistol Instructors who:

  • Became certified pistol instructors, or sat Basic Instructor Training (BIT) more than 2 1/2 years ago, OR, recently became certified pistol instructors but did not take the newly reformatted pistol instructor course for blended learning.
  • Do not regularly teach Basic Pistol.
  • Plan on maintaining NRA instructor certification.
  • Have a desire to certify others in Basic Pistol in the future

This 3.5 - 4 hr course covers: materials needed, updated course objectives (for instructors), student objectives and range exercises; in addition we provide an overview/refresher of  subject matter from the  ethics section of the trainers guide, changes in required materials and a review of pistol shooting fundamentals. We provide a current Basic Instructor Trainer guide (revised March 2016) and the new Pistol Lesson Plan with a binder. Last, we provide value added material on firearms manipulations and prefered range protocols to apply when conducting live fire exercises, neither of which are included the NRA Pistol Instructor course.

For course times and registration, please click on the schedule link, or >> here <<