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NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

The NRA's Personal Protection series of courses is based off and built upon Basic Pistol. Thus, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home Instructor candidates must be competent pistol shooters and instructors. All applicants to a Personal Protection (Inside or Outside) Instructor course must already be a NRA Basic Firearms Pistol Instructor. Likewise, students who wish to sit the Personal Protection courses must also demonstrate safe pistol handling skills and shooting proficiency with handguns.

As this is a course that centers on the ethical and lawful defensive use of a pistol - which may be considered a "deadly force" situation, there are specific requirements from the NRA in presenting the student course, and who can present specific portions of the student course (an attorney, for example) that covers the law with regards to use of deadly force.

The Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPITH) Instructor  is ten hours long, including the required pre-course qualification. This course is only open to currently certified instructors with a BIT course within the past two years (more on "BIT" here >>). In addition to "BIT" and holding the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certification, there is a pre-course qualification for PPITH. Please see here >> for the PPITH pre-course qualification criteria.

Course Information:
Prerequisites: Must be able to lawfully possess a pistol in the jurisdiction where range exercises are conducted.
Course Length: Ten hours
Class/Range: Both
Materials Required: All class materials are provided.
For the range, the following is required:

  • Pistol of caliber .380, .38SPL, 9x19mm or above
  • Eye & ear protection
  • One hundred and sixty (160) rounds of ammunition
  • Two magazines or speed loaders.

***There may be other requirements specific to the range used for this course***

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